What does HEBNA stand for?

HEBNA is an acronym built from the names Heber and Edna. Heber and Edna Fullmer were the parents of six children, including the HEBNA founders; Craig, John, and Grant. The company name was chosen as a tribute to the values taught by their parents, and as a reminder to be true to core principles.

Heber was know for his honesty, which he learned from his father Melvin.  His father, was a humble grain farmer and pastor in the tiny hamlet of Hartleyville, Alberta.  Heber deeply respected his father, and his families reputation in the community, and payed it forward by being a great example of honesty to his family and the community.  He was an avid follower of politics and was interested in promoting fairness and justice. He was a blue-collar man, he worked for over thirty years as a bus driver and then LRT Train Operator for Calgary Transit until his retirement.

Heber taught that perseverance and tenacity were the key to achievement. Mastery was achievable by everyone willing to persevere with tenacity.  Edna was his greatest treasure, along with his posterity.

Edna was keen on loyalty. Raised in Otago, New Zealand, she was the youngest of four children. Her father, John Scott, a sheep farmer, died when she was six years old.  She was raised by her single mother, Ruby, who made her living as an artist.  As a young women, Edna moved to Alberta to connect with her new found faith-community. While living in Calgary she was introduced to Heber, who was famously poor. Edna saw something more, and they eventually married.  Naturally, Edna brought with her fresh cultural perspectives to both her new family and faith-community. Her voice was important in fostering greater tolerance in her extended family and community for peoples differences. Edna taught that it is important to be loyal to your friends, even when it is hard.

Edna took great pleasure in the uniqueness and diversity of her children. She did not want to produce “peas in a pod”.  She encouraged all of her children to find their own path.  She followed the tenant “teach correct principles and let them govern themselves”.

Heber and Edna Fullmer were killed en-route to a family reunion on Dec 26, 1994. Their daughter, Barbara, was seriously injured in the same accident. Barbara passed away January 17, 2014 and is buried in Hartleyville.

The golden color of the letters HEB, represent the color of prairie goldenrod.
The ocean blue color of the letters NA, represent the color of the South Pacific.

HEBNA, Correct Principles at the Core.

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