White_SpaceTrenchless Paper of the Week

Congratulations to Joe Lane and Roberto Ogarrio for presenting their fine paper to the 2016 No-Dig Show in Dallas, TX in March 2016.  The paper identifies 8 key elements required of an integrity management program.  It also enlightening in its depiction of of how a resourceful team overcomes unprecedented obsticles on such a large urban/suburban/rural trenchless project.  Congratulations to HEBNA staff, and the owner operator, for making this project a big success.  Many people I have spoken to feel the project is a strong contender for Trenchless Project of the Year.

NASTT’s E-News published “Using Compressive-fit HDPE to Rehabilitate a 70-year-old Crude Oil Pipeline Traversing 55 miles of Urban, Suburban and Rural Settings” as Paper of the Week on April 21, 2016.  HEBNA website visitors may read it for free.