Pipeline Pigging & Calibration

HEBNA’s has been installing compressed-fit liners (CFL) into pipelines since 2007, and providing and providing tethered pig pull services since 2010.  We understand and anticipate the problems of pigging old pipelines.  It is no surprise, pipeline rehabilitation is our specialty.

pig pull 2

HEBNA Pigging & Calibration Advantages:

  • HEBNA uses specialized sythetic rope, our rope is strong, light-weight, and minimally abrasive.
  • Using our specialized synthetic rope, pulls up to 10,000′ or more are possible.
    Pipelines that seem straight are not really straight. Over long distances bends will bring the rope into contact with the steel. HEBNA’s synthetic rope will not scour the steel walls of your pipeline. You will not risk scouring your pipeline during a tethered pig pull if HEBNA has anything to do with it.
  • HEBNA’s state-of-the-art measuring heads, customized for use with our specialized synthetic rope by Benchmark Wireline Products, reliably measure distance, load, and speed during the “pull”, and records this information, at prescribed intervals, to an SD card. The SD card is provided to you on request. The file is a simple text file, and is readable by any text editor.
Thank you for being so easy to do business with. I wish all of my subcontractors were just a phone call away like HEBNA proves to be.
June 2016, Unsolicited eMail
Outstanding project management and communication on the project, Excellent safety practices on site, Excellent quality of work preformed.
June 2015, Survey Monkey Respondent
Very good quality of work preformed, Would definitely recommend HEBNA!
June 2015, Survey Monkey Respondent
The weather is terrible but no one complained and continue to help in making progress on the project.
June 2015, Survey Monkey Respondent
I felt everything went well and right on schedule.
November 2015, Survey Monkey Respondent
Communication was great.
August 2015, Survey Monkey Respondent
Easy to work with in bad situations. 100 times better than ******
June 2015, Survey Monkey Respondent