Pipeline corrosion and abrasion protection are the domain of pipeline contractors. These experienced companies deliver high value to customers by providing solutions relating to damaged pipelines and pipeline liner failures. They enable companies to protect their assets and bottom lines. At HEBNA, we provide high quality pipeline corrosion solutions using high tech, state-of-the-art services and materials.

HDPE Material
Highly experienced and capable pipeline contractors will offer the highest quality high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline liner for projects. These HDPE pipe lining materials along with high quality workmanship can help ensure that the proper functionality of pipelines as well as provide successful pipeline rehabilitation. At HEBNA we offer such a product – HEBNA HDRC.

Some of the benefits provided by HEBNA HDRC pipe lining include: corrosion resistance, flexibility, chemical resistance, durability and low cost.

Trenchless Technology
The costs associated with a pipeline failure outweigh the investment that are necessary to repair, upgrade and maintain a pipeline. Corrosive forces on pipelines can ultimately produce damage that affects human lives as well as animals and property. At HEBNA, we offer pipeline repair and maintenance service that utilizes trenchless technology. This technology minimizes the need for excavation, saving both costs and the need to disrupt the environment.

The Core Efforts of Quality Pipeline Contractors
Pipeline specialists focus on the need to protect pipelines. These services must be performed safely and also effectively. The results are crucial to the success of various industries, including municipal water, industrial piping, oil & gas and mining. Pipeline contractors that know industry requirements from top to bottom and possess the capabilities to provide the highest level of work use only the best slip lining techniques and engineering materials. The best companies in the industry will honor also their commitments and remain focused on safety as a top priority.

At HEBNA, we offer this level of service to you our customer. We value our reputation in the industry and strive to provide the highest level of service when it comes to pipeline pigging, compressed fit liner installation, slip lining and HDPE pipe lining services.