Municipal Water Applications:

Water Transmission Pipelines

HDPE is a proven solution and has been in use in water distribution and transmission applications for over 50 years.

The Plastic Pipe Institute report (PPI TN-27/2009) is an excellent source of both general and technical information on the subject of: HDPE Pipe for Water Distribution and Transmission Applications

The American Lifelines Alliance, a public-private partnership to reduce risk to utility and transportation systems from natural hazards and manmade threats, published a report entiteled “Seismic Guidelines for Water Pipelines“, clearly identifying the benefits of using HDPE in areas with increased natural hazards or human habitation.

Sewer Force Mains

HEBNA’s trenchless technology allows for sewer force main rehabiliitation without digging up and replacing every foot of sewer pipe.

Case Studies

Utah – Municipal Water Transmission Pipeline Rehabilitation

Contact us for report and references.

Questions to ask your potable water pipeline rehabilitation provider:

  • How do I repair your pipe in the event of 3rdparty damage?
  • What if I need to repair your pipe or to add connections?
  • Are special fittings required or are they available from my local water supply distributor?
  • If special fittings are required how much do they costs and how long does it take to order and receive them?
  • Is special equipment required to install the fittings?
  • Experience
  • References

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