High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe Fusing

HEBNA has been fusing high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner pipe since 2007. Fusing HDPE liner pipe is more demanding than fusing regular stand-alone HDPE because wall thickness are significantly reduced. The best fusion technicians available work for HEBNA.

Why build with HDPE instead of other materials?

The American Lifelines Alliance, a public-private partnership to reduce risk to utility and transportation systems from natural hazards and manmade threats, published a report entiteled “Seismic Guidelines for Water Pipelines“, clearly identifying the benefits of using HDPE in areas with seismic risk.

Why Choose HEBNA for Stand-alone Pipe Fusing projects?

  • All of our HDPE fusion technicians are certified on a regular basis to meet oilfield standards
  • Our HDPE fusion technicians are trained to higher standards of quality and precision required for pipeline liner work.
  • HEBNA follows a rigorous QA/QC processes to insure reliability of its work. We keep records and test each fusion bead for irregularities. Any suspect fusion is rejected.
  • Optional data capture using an McElroy electronic data recorder.
  • We own and maintain our own McElroy fusion equipment.
  • We have a full-time mechanic, with work-shops in Grand Junction, CO and Midland, TX, allowing us to keep our equipment in excellent condition.
  • Sections of pipe are regularly air tested to insure a leak free system.
Thank you for being so easy to do business with. I wish all of my subcontractors were just a phone call away like HEBNA proves to be.
June 2016, Unsolicited eMail
Outstanding project management and communication on the project, Excellent safety practices on site, Excellent quality of work preformed.
June 2015, Survey Monkey Respondent
Very good quality of work preformed, Would definitely recommend HEBNA!
June 2015, Survey Monkey Respondent
The weather is terrible but no one complained and continue to help in making progress on the project.
June 2015, Survey Monkey Respondent
I felt everything went well and right on schedule.
November 2015, Survey Monkey Respondent
Communication was great.
August 2015, Survey Monkey Respondent
Easy to work with in bad situations. 100 times better than ******
June 2015, Survey Monkey Respondent