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John Fullmer, VP Customer Service

HEBNA’s VP Customer Service, and former President (2007 – 2014), John Fullmer is an expert in communicating with pipeline owners and operators regarding pipeline protection and remediation programs.  John is respected in the industry for his dedication to customer service and his attention to customer needs and expectations.

John understands the importance of workplace safety and was instrumental in adopting the best programs and practices in developing HEBNA’s safety culture.

Before joining his brothers to build HEBNA, John worked many years as an agronomist in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  He has worked for Monsanto and United Farmers of Alberta (UFA).  As an agronomist, he was a top performer.  It is no wonder, he put his customers first by assessing their needs before making recommendations. John earned a B.Sc. in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan in the 1980’s.

Bob Samson 300x400

Bob Samson, Controller

Bob Samson, has extensive accounting and financial management experience in the energy, minerals and construction sectors. Bob is a leader in developing efficient, effective systems for business construction operations.  His efforts have been successful in aligning strategic objectives with operational goals and results. Bob has worked in North America, South America, Australia, and Europe during his career with BP, Pfizer, Mincom and most recently on the City of Denver’s$2.1 B Fastrax Light Rail project. His areas of expertiseinclude planning and budgeting, construction and project accounting, financial reporting, taxation, and management information systems. Bob has a degree in accounting from the University of Montana.

Craig Fullmer 800X600

Craig Fullmer, Operations Manager

Craig Fullmer, is an expert in the installation of compressed-fit pipeline liners and the development and fabrication of related technologies.  Craig has over 25 years experience in the industry.

Before joining with his brothers in 2007 to build HEBNA, Craig worked for many years in the industry.  His first HDPE experience was with Century Pipelines, and then United Pipeline Systems in Canada.  As proof of his tenacity, at this time he also  qualified as professional bull rider, and rode in the Calgary Stampede.  Later, while working for United Pipeline Systems (Insituform), he made his home in Colorado and then Texas.  While working for United Pipeline Systems, Craig travelled the world installing liners; his international work experience includes large projects in Chile, and Oman.

Craig’s formal introduction to the construction industry began as a student at Lord Beaverbrook High School in Calgary, Alberta.  In addition to the standard acedemic requisite, Craig completed the three-year Building Construction program there.